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New Communication Tool - ParentSquare

Posted Date: 8/10/23 (11:44 AM)

Roughneck Parents,

Some of you may have already received texts/emails from me that say "test".  I did that through our new communication tool...ParentSquare.  ParentSquare is an all-in-one communication tool that's pretty easy to use.  It will allow me to contact all staff and parents instantly and it will allow you to receive messages from individual teachers or campus/districtwide messages.  It will also allow you to contact teachers 1-1.  ParentSquare updates every evening with new data so every message you send should be the most accurate.

Please take the time to download the app to your device.  It should send you an email, text and notification every time a message goes out.  If you are not receiving the texts or emails, please check in Skyward to ensure your information is up to date. If there is an emergency (bad weather etc) we can also have it call your phone...which I will be testing later today.  If it's not perfect right now, don't worry.  We are still going through registration so the system will work out the issues.       

I am also linking below a ParentSquare training module which will walk you through any issues you may have.,cms_featured_course:1

I hope you are having a great day and we look forward to seeing you soon!