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White Oak Independent School District




Mission Statement

The White Oak Independent School District, through a total team effort, provides a safe environment with relevant challenging, diverse educational opportunities, laying the foundation for success.

Vision Statement

All White Oak Independent School District students will be responsible, life-long learners who realize their potential to become successful, collaborative citizens.


We Believe That:

  • There is good in everyone and all people have value.

  • Education adds value to life.

  • Education is the passageway to a life of boundless potential.

  • All children can and want to learn and achieve unless they are told they can’t (by our actions, words, or reward system).

  • Every child can learn when diverse teaching methods are used.

  • Learning is social in nature requiring active involvement in planning, doing, and reviewing.

  • All children have the right to feel safe.

  • All children must be provided with a pleasant, positive environment.

  • All students should be prepared for the workplace.

  • Adults who influence children are accountable for offering the best examples of hard work and honesty.


“White Oak Independent School District is to
be a leader in public education by providing
the best opportunities for students to
achieve academic and personal excellence.”

White Oak Independent School District is
rated Met Standard by the Texas Education
You can access District and Campus Community Engagement Tool Reports by school year here.

White Oak City is a community just west of
Longview, Texas, and serves 5,624 residents
and over 1,400 students.

About Us

The White Oak Independent School District is proud of its rich tradition and commitment to excellence in all educational endeavors. The numerous accomplishments are directly attributed to the community’s demand for quality education and to the sound decision-making and planning of the White Oak Board of Trustees and the WOISD staff during changing times.

Established in 1885, White Oak ISD encompasses 15.7 square miles in the heart of the East Texas oil field. Continued improvements and commitments to the finest educational and physical facilities have been characteristic of the White Oak school system throughout its history.

White Oak ISD is fully accredited by the Texas Education Agency and provides quality education for students in pre-kindergarten through grade twelve. The district strives to provide a variety of educational opportunities and involvement for the entire community.